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Classic Cocktails

  • Mojito


    How to make the perfect Mojito Hands down one of the world’s most well-known and recognisable cocktails. The classic mojito features some of Cuba’s finest ingredients: rum, mint and sugar. This luscious combination makes it easy to finish a few in...

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  • Tequila Sunrise

    Tequila Sunrise

    How to make the perfect Tequila Sunrise If you’re not up for shots, but are partial to a tequila then this great-looking cocktail is the one for you. Named after the sunrise it resembles (and possibly the fact that it...

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  • Rusty Nail

    Rusty Nail

    How to make the perfect Rusty Nail cocktai Technically speaking the Rusty Nail is one of the easiest cocktails to make. All that’s needed is your favourite scotch and some Drambuie, the ratio of which is down to your individual taste....

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  • Piña Colada

    Piña Colada

    How to make the perfect Piña Colada If a Piña Colada doesn’t transport you to a tropical beach somewhere, it’s doubtful anything else will. This Puerto Rican creamy coconut-and-rum sensation has to be up there with one of the ultimate...

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  • Singapore Sling

    Singapore Sling

    How to make the perfect Singapore Sling As luxurious as the hotel it was founded in – this Far Eastern, contents-heavy cocktail is one really open to interpretation. We know its gin-based, we know it contains Bénédictine, but what else...

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  • Long Island Iced Tea

    Long Island Iced Tea

    How to make the perfect Long Island Iced Tea This cocktail is a booze-filled triumph, containing everything but tea. Rumoured to have been created during prohibition on Long Island, intended to masquerade as iced tea to avoid any unwanted attention....

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  • Manhattan


    How to make the perfect Manhattan cocktail Straight from The Big Apple, The Manhattan is undeniably one of the heavyweights in the cocktail world and a must for all bourbon lovers. It’s one to be slowly slipped due to its...

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  • Mai Tai

    Mai Tai

    How to make the perfect Mai Tai Mai Tai: the Tahitian temptress. A cocktail invented to flaunt white and dark rum in all their glory. Add orange curaçao, orgeat syrup and lime juice to the mix to elevate it that little...

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  • Gin & Tonic

    Gin & Tonic

    How to make the perfect Gin & Tonic Up until a few years ago, asking for a gin & tonic in a bar would be met with a simple nod. Nowadays, its recent surge in popularity can leave you bewildered...

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