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Cocktail of the Month

  • November - Negroni

    November - Negroni

    Definitely for a more mature palate – the Negroni is an intense, yet sublime cocktail. The bitterness of the Campari and...
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  • September - Vesper Martini

    September - Vesper Martini

    A legendary drink brought to prominence by a certain Bond. James Bond.  
    Ian Fleming perhaps didn’t envision the effect this masterpiece of a cocktail would have on the world...
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  • August - Garden Walk

    August - Garden Walk

    Our bespoke ‘Garden Walk’; a long and cooling cocktail diligently created by Rusty Barrel’s awesome team of mixologists (it’s a hard job 😉). The ideal cocktail...
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  • July - Margarita

    July - Margarita

    One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR! As with most cocktails the origin of the Margarita is heavily debated. However, it’s fair to say this one has all the characteristics...
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  • May - Pornstar Martini

    May - Pornstar Martini

    Memorable by name and by nature!
    The Pornstar Martini - or Passionstar Martini for the faint-hearted - leaves a sharp and fruity finish on the palate. It is perfectly balanced...
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