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Classic Cocktails

  • French '75

    French '75

    How to make the perfect French 75 cocktail The French 75 is a delightful champagne cocktail; its popularity has been prolific since WW1 due to its elegance and sheer potency. Allegedly, the name was coined when a bartender in Paris likened...

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  • Daiquiri


    How to make the perfect Daiquiri The Daiquiri. A cocktail where the variations seem to outshine the original masterpiece. If you’re a rum lover, don’t discount the bare bones of the Cuban classic; a sublime blend of sweetness from the rum...

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  • Cosmopolitan


    How to make the perfect Cosmopolitan The Cosmopolitan. Inextricably linked with NYC, where its popularity was further elevated by a certain Miss Bradshaw and friends in the late nineties. The tart-sweet blend of vodka, cranberry and citrus has placed it...

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  • Caipirinha


    How to make the perfect Caipirinha Transport yourself to the sandy shores of Copacabana with a charming Caipirinha.  With just four ingredients it may appear a simple cocktail to recreate, however it is not to be underestimated. There must be a...

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  • Bloody Mary

    Bloody Mary

    How to make the perfect Bloody Mary A definite contender if you’re starting early; the Bloody Mary is a nice one to ease you in gently. Conversely, it works as a great ‘Hair of the Dog’ if you’ve finished late...

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