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March - Mojito

March - Mojito




The cocktail that stamps Cuba firmly on the map. The mojito is a zesty, refreshing, sugary feast for the palate, but ONLY when it is made in the right hands. If you aren’t willing to put your heart and soul into making this world-renowned classic cocktail, then just don’t bother! It may take a few tries but once mastered there is nothing comparable…

What you’ll need:


·      Your Rusty Barrel cocktail shaker set

·      Crushed ice

·      6 lime wedges

·      8 to 10 mint leaves

·      2 teaspoons of sugar

·      50ml of rum

·      Soda water

Preferred glass:



Muddle & Churn


Mint Sprig and Lime Wedge

Top Tip:

 The muddling of mint, lime and sugar is key to this drink. You must release the flavour from the fruit and herbs but the drink will turn bitter if you over do it. Practice makes perfect

How to mix it like a pro:


1.     Add the lime wedges (ensuring you squeeze the juice into the glass), mint leaves and sugar to your glass.

2.     Muddle together for 8-10 seconds

3.     Add the rum.

4.     Give it a good churn.

5.     Add in half the crushed ice.

6.     Churn again.

7.     Fill up the glass with more crushed ice.

8.     Churn for a final time.

9.     Add some more ice at the top of the glass.

10.  Top up with soda.

11.  Add the mint sprigs and lime to garnish.

Paired with:

Time flies when you’re having rum…

Feeling creative?

Mix up this classic by adding fresh berries at the muddle stage or top with champagne instead of soda for a celebratory serve.




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