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What makes Rusty Barrel cocktail sets so special?

What makes Rusty Barrel cocktail sets so special?

At Rusty Barrel, we believe quality is fundamental, and our cocktail shaker gift sets include all the essential accessories and tools you need to start mixing drinks like a pro. 

Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced mixologist, it's never been easier to concoct impressive and delicious cocktails. 

Use the recipes in our booklet to impress your family and friends with classic cocktails such as a Mojito, Cosmopolitan or Piña Colada.

Looking for the perfect gift? Each luxury cocktail gift set is elegantly presented in a beautiful and stylish box which makes it ideal as a present. It's perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or even a summer garden party!

Each Rusty Barrel cocktail shaker set includes:


The shaker is undoubtedly the most iconic cocktail tool. As such, it is imperative that you choose the right style of shaker for you! There are two primary types of shaker: the two-piece and the three-piece. The two-piece shaker, also known as a Boston shaker, consists of two different sized 'tins' which are wedged into one another. The three-piece shaker, often called a Manhattan shaker, has an inbuilt strainer on top, which is covered with a third, removable cap piece. 

There are two key benefits of using a two-piece shaker. Firstly, there's a greater amount of space for the ice to move, which, in turn, creates more aeration – ideal for cocktails! Secondly, when accustomed to using a two-piece shaker, you will find it is much quicker and more streamlined than a three-piece. Hence, the Boston Shaker is typically what most bartenders use.

The three-piece also has two notable benefits. Principally, the removable cap piece which eliminates the need for a separate strainer. There is also no need for you to master the forming and breaking of a seal – as with a Boston style two-piece shaker – as a result, it's a popular choice for many home bars. Whatever your allegiance, we've got you covered!

Jigger (Measurer)

As cool as free pouring looks, it's simply not reliable! The purpose of a Jigger is to strategically balance the alcohol content of your drinks. Thus, ensuring that your cocktails taste perfect every time and with no wastage!


Bar spoons, with their long and twisted handle, are one of the most familiar components in a basic cocktail kit. Naturally, its primary function is to stir the cocktails. The long handle is used for reaching the bottom of a mixing glass, and the twist in the middle ensures a better grip for easier stirring. Our twisted, long-handled design allows you to mix ice and other ingredients with ease.


Strainers are crucial for preventing unwanted ice and other ingredients, such as pips or fruit drops, from entering your cocktail. Our Hawthorne strainer boasts a slinky-like coil, making it very versatile and allowing it to conform to a variety of different sized shakers. It is guaranteed to strain quickly and effectively, every time, even if there are muddled ingredients.


Muddlers are an essential tool used for mashing fruits and spices and unleashing their delicious flavours into your favourite cocktail. We prefer wooden muddlers simply because they are more aesthetically pleasing, as well as being more tactilely satisfying to work with.


Pourers simply attach to a spirit or syrup bottle. They make pouring quick, efficient and splash-free, a necessity for easy cocktail making.

Recipe Booklet

Includes a selection of 12 classic cocktail recipes to get you started right from the off!

Storage Pouch

Ideal for keeping your cocktail shaker set safe and sound whilst on the move.

Elegant Gift Box

Our cocktail shaker set comes packaged in a classy gift box that not only acts as storage but also makes it the perfect present for him or her.



Rusty Barrel Manhattan Collection

Rusty Barrel Boston Collection


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