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What are cocktail shakers for & why do we shake a cocktail?

What are cocktail shakers for & why do we shake a cocktail?

To put it simply, cocktail shaker sets are used to mix and chill your favourite cocktails and mocktails. Using a cocktail shaker set will ensure the perfect blend of flavours when using the staple ingredients of any signature cocktail. While using a cocktail shaker can create quite the impressive spectacle, there is also a bit of science behind why we use a shaker set to create the perfect cocktail:

To mix – the tin shaker is the ideal way for all the ingredients to efficiently and quickly fuse together.

To chill – adding ice to your cocktail when mixing will ensure it is at the optimum temperature when served.

To dilute – all the ingredients will be distributed evenly throughout your cocktail leading to a perfectly-balanced finish.

To aerate – shaking your cocktail allows oxygen to circulate through the drink enhancing the overall flavour. 



Rusty Barrel Manhattan Collection

Rusty Barrel Boton Collection

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