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What is the difference between Boston and Manhattan cocktail shakers?

What is the difference between Boston and Manhattan cocktail shakers?

The shaker is undoubtedly the most iconic and recognisable piece of the cocktail-making tool kit. It’s worth taking a moment to get to grips with the main differences between the two-piece and the three-piece cocktail shaker sets. This will hopefully make it a little easier when choosing yours…

The two-piece shaker 

Also known as a Boston shaker, it consists of two different sized ‘tins’ which are essentially wedged into one another.  The Boston shaker is typically the professional mixologist’s go-to because of its two important features. Firstly, there’s a greater amount of space inside the shaker for the ice to move around when shaking. This also allows more oxygen to flow inside. Increased aeration creates the ideal environment for ingredients to really blend together and helps to achieve the optimum chilled temperature. Secondly, once cocktail shaking has been mastered (it will take a bit of practice), then using a two-piece shaker is definitely quicker and more streamlined. Hence why the Boston Shaker is most bartenders’ preferred choice for those busy Saturday nights!

The three-piece shaker

Often called a Manhattan shaker, it has an in-built strainer on top which immediately distinguishes it from the Boston shaker.  The removable cap piece covering the strainer being the third component in the three-piece set. The Manhattan shaker also has two key benefits: the removable cap piece means there is no need for a separate strainer. Great if you’re tight on space (and less washing up!) Also, with the Manhattan there is no need for you to master the forming and breaking of a seal – it basically does all the hard work for you!  This definitely makes it the more popular choice for any home bar and mixologist-in-the-making.

Whatever stage you’re at in your cocktail-making journey, rest assured we have the perfect shaker for you!



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Rusty Barrel Boston Collection

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