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Rusty Barrel meets JOMO Club

Rusty Barrel meets JOMO Club

We were delighted to take part in an exclusive interview with JOMO Club this month. JOMO Club is a brand dedicated to offering delicious non-alcoholic alternatives to those who perhaps choose not to drink as a lifestyle choice, are expecting a little one, breastfeeding or simply fancy a night off. You can subscribe monthly to receive a box filled with supreme products specifically chosen to recreate your favourite mocktails. We are thrilled that Rusty Barrel’s very own cocktail jiggers will be featured in JOMO Club’s April box! Read below to see what we had to say to the charming team over at JOMO…


Rusty Barrel x JOMO Club

Q: Hi guys! We are absolute suckers for gorgeous bar and glassware and these are certainly gorgeous. Can you tell us about Rusty Barrel and what we have in front of us today?

A: Founded in 2017, Rusty Barrel is a quintessentially British brand born out of love. Love for cocktails and love for unparalleled quality. We provide elite barware to master the art of cocktail-making in the comfort of your own home.
The jigger is instrumental when perfecting proportions in your favourite cocktail (sometimes less is more). Made with stainless steel due to its corrosion-resistant, durable and long-lasting properties our jigger allows you to easily measure your favourite spirit in 25ml and 50ml measures time and time again.

Q: Why do you feel quality barware is important for the ‘at-home’ drink makers?

A: Entertaining friends and family at home has never been more prevalent than in recent years, and nobody wants to be let down by second-rate barware. That’s where Rusty Barrel come in – we pride ourselves on our premium products. Each item included in our range has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they do not leak and, with the right care, do not corrode.

Q: Have you seen an increase in demand over the past year with more people making and taking an interest in at home cocktails?

A: Staying in is definitely the new going out! There has been an increase in people wanting a premium bar set up in their garden or living room, and Rusty Barrel enable our customers to truly hone and perfect their cocktail making skills. Not only do we offer the tool kit to expertly prepare your favourite drink, we also offer a range of recipes and masterclasses on our website led by industry experts.

Q: If you could pick just one item in a cocktail making bundle that you couldn’t live without, what would it be?

A: It has to be the cocktail shaker itself. It is undoubtedly the most iconic and recognisable cocktail-making tool. Using a cocktail shaker will ensure the perfect blend of flavours when using the staple ingredients of any signature cocktail. While using a cocktail shaker can create quite the impressive spectacle, there is also a bit of science behind why we use a shaker set:

To mix – the tin shaker is the ideal way for all the ingredients to efficiently and quickly fuse together.
To chill – adding ice to your cocktail when mixing will ensure it is at the optimum temperature when served.
To dilute – all the ingredients will be distributed evenly throughout your cocktail leading to a perfectly-balanced finish.
To aerate – shaking your cocktail allows oxygen to circulate through the drink enhancing the overall flavour.

Q: For those who would like to get into cocktail making but don’t feel too confident, what piece of advice can you give them?

A: Making cocktails and mocktails at home shouldn’t be daunting. For instance, there are in fact only 4 elements required to create any cocktail or mocktail - a spirit (or non-alcoholic alternative) of any kind, a bitter element, a sweet element and water. A home bar collection will always aim to reflect this format. It is not necessary to have a cupboard or fridge stocked to the brim with ingredients. To get you started, Rusty Barrel have produced a mini-series of videos led by our in-house cocktail connoisseur. The process of perfecting a flawlessly-flavoured and expertly-chilled cocktail is stripped back and simplified. We guide you through what is actually needed to stock your home bar based on your taste, with plenty of savvy and useful tips along the way. All episodes are available on our website.

Q: What is your all time favourite cocktail?

A: This is obviously a really tough question. If we are pushed though it probably has to be the Mojito. There is simply nothing more refreshing. Just to let you in on a little tip too; there are actually only six cocktails in the world that form the base for every single mixed drink you have ever heard of. They are The Daiquiri, Martini, Old Fashioned, Sidecar, Whisky Highball and Flip. For instance, did you know that the mojito is basically a daquiri with fresh mint added in and served long over ice (just leave out the rum). Visit our website to find out more.

Q: Why is Rusty Barrel the perfect gift?

A: Ordering gifts online can be a minefield. You spend ages shopping around, find something that looks ideal, and hit buy. You then wait...and when it finally arrives, you open it up and, we’ve all been there, it’s distinctly underwhelming. Basic packaging. Poor quality. Disappointing. At Rusty Barrel we aim to exceed all your expectations and we are certain that the moment you open our package, you will be blown away by our beautifully presented products in luxurious display boxes. Despite the high-end feel they are excellent value for money. Our superb customer service team are also on hand daily to answer any questions you have. Your loved one will not be disappointed!



Rusty Barrel


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