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Rusty Barrel & The Cocktail Society

Rusty Barrel & The Cocktail Society

I love trying new cocktails and experimenting with different brands and flavours.

But I'll be honest, sourcing all the ingredients and stocking a home bar with a million-and-one different bottles can be a challenge…so when I discovered the Cocktail Society's range of pre-made cocktails, I jumped at the chance to give them a try.



They're gooood! 


They're the perfect way to give your next favourite cocktail a try (and make ideal gifts for the cocktail lovers in your life!).

And they're now available directly from us!

Here's a closer look at two of the stars of the show—each with a slight tweak that makes them rather exciting!

adore an Espresso Martini (or two!) before heading out for the night, and this almost ready-to-go cocktail saves the hassle of brewing fresh coffee when I'm trying to get ready! 

Not only that, the salted caramel adds an amazing extra dimension. 

With Chase Vodka and Borghetti Coffee Liqueur (made to the same 150-year-old recipe!), this is one of the best espresso martinis I've had in a long time—and it could be available in your very own home bar 🤩

This 17% cocktail comes in two sizes - two servings for £12 or five servings for £26, and they're guaranteed to get any party started.

Rusty Barrel & The Cocktail Society

How to make: 

🍸 Fill your Rusty Barrel cocktail shaker 3/4 full with ice  

🍸 Pour in your Salted Caramel Espresso Martini (if you have the larger bottle, only use half at a time to get the most out of the shake)

🍸 Pop the lid on and shake your martini for 8-10 seconds to chill your drink to the perfect temperature (you'll feel the tins go cold to the touch), and it creates its iconic crema

🍸 Pour into your martini glass and garnish with 3 coffee beans 

🍸 Sip, enjoy, and finish getting ready to hit the town!

(or have a night in—you decide!)


While the espresso martini will have you partying the night away, the Smoked Old Fashioned will calm things down and transports you to wood-panelled rooms complete with leather-backed chairs.

The drink is infused with actual oak smoke, which compliments the oak-aged Buffalo Trace bourbon it's made with perfectly.

At 24%, it packs a bit of a punch, so the 200ml bottle gets you three servings, while the 500ml will stretch to six.

There's no need to shake the Old Fashioned, but it will benefit from being stirred for 4-6 seconds over ice to chill it to perfection. 

If you really want to give your drink a citrusy zing, peel a strip of orange peel with a vegetable peeler and express (twist!) it over your Old Fashioned before popping it into the glass. 

The orange oil will add a lovely fruity note to offset the smoky bourbon.

Pop some jazz on the record player (well, maybe ask Alexa), sit back and chill out.

Rusty Barrel & The Cocktail Society



Interesting fact—both Chase Vodka and Buffalo Trace Bourbon have won Gold at the World Spirit awards.

I'll drink to that.


P.S. If you're looking for a cocktail shaker to mix them up with, check out our range.

We hate to brag, but they're rather a speciality of ours 😉

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