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Easter 2023 - How Do You Drink Yours?

Easter 2023 - How Do You Drink Yours?

Easter is almost upon us, and the first of an astounding FOUR bank holiday weekends between now and June!

(I’ll drink to that!)

Now I know all anyone can talk about this year is May and the Coronation, but spare a thought for good old Easter, who shows up every year without fail with my absolute favourite gift—a four-day weekend 🥳

So in honour of our four days of freedom, I asked Nick, our resident cocktail creator, to come up with a richly indulgent Easter-themed cocktail treat to wash down all those Easter Eggs that you bought for the kids.

(Not counting the one hidden at the back of the cupboard…no? Just me?)

Combining vanilla vodka and creme de cacao, it’s indulgent without being too sweet and also features advocaat and a Spanish liqueur called Licor 43 (thanks to its 43 different ingredients). 

It’s got a sweet vanilla flavour with just a hint of citrus.

If you don’t have any to hand, you can always substitute it with Grand Marnier or triple sec, but maybe dial it back a little if you’re after a more subtle citrus flavour.

Check out the recipe:

(I was especially impressed by the choice of garnish!)

How Do You Drink Yours?


Rusty Barrel Easter Cocktail


Now, to make a great cocktail, you need an eggceptional (I know, I know, I tried to make it to the end without an Easter pun…sorry) cocktail shaker.

Here’s our best-seller - the Mayfair Cocktail Making set—as featured by Selfridges and BBC’s Good Food magazine—it contains everything you need to knock up the best Easter Cocktails around.

Mayfair Cocktail Set

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