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Episode 1 – The Cocktail Formula

Episode 1 – The Cocktail Formula

 Episode 1 – The Cocktail Formula 

In this video the simplicity of creating the perfect cocktail is broken down into a fail-safe format. Even the most flamboyant and complex-sounding cocktails are typically based upon four simple elements; a preferred spirit, something bitter, something sweet and something water-based.  

To achieve ideal flavour and ensure these elements are balanced, use Rusty Barrel’s not-so-secret formula that we call ‘The 4-2-1’. For example, to make a rum-based cocktail use 50ml of rum (4 parts), 25ml of lime (2 parts) and 12.5ml of sugar (1 part), then add some ice, shake for 8-10 seconds and strain into a glass. It really is that simple! Recreate any cocktail using our 4-2-1 formula… 



Rusty Barrel Manhattan Collection

Rusty Barrel Boston Collection

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