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May - Pornstar Martini

May - Pornstar Martini

Pornstar Martini


Memorable by name and by nature!
The Pornstar Martini - or Passionstar Martini for the faint-hearted - leaves a sharp and fruity finish on the palate. It is perfectly balanced when alternating sips with a shot of crisp Prosecco or Champagne, this will take any tartness away (pun intended!) Despite the name, it has fast-become a refined stalwart in cocktail bars around the world; rubbing shoulders with British classics such as the Espresso Martini and Bramble. Would a night out even be worth mentioning without a round of Pornstars entering the mix?! 

What you’ll need:    
  • Your Rusty Barrel cocktail shaker set 
  • Passion fruit seeds 
  • 50ml vanilla vodka 
  • 15ml passion fruit liqueur 
  • 15ml vanilla syrup 
  • 15ml lime juice 
  • Prosecco or Champagne 
Preferred glass:  Coupe 
Process:  Shake 
Garnish:  Half a passion fruit & a shot of bubbles 
Top Tip:  The shot of bubbles is to be enjoyed alongside the main cocktail. We strongly advise not to shot the bubbles or add them to the main drink. Instead sip alternately from each glass. 
How to mix it like a pro:   
  • Add all the ingredients along with some ice to your cocktail shaker. 
  • Make sure the lid is on and shake for around 8-10 seconds.  
  • Pour the drink through the strainer into your glass.  
  • Add your garnish. 
  • Pour a shot of your favourite bubbles 
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    Feeling creative?  You can make your own sugar syrup by combining equal parts caster sugar and boiling water. This will store in the fridge for up to four weeks. Adding vanilla essence is a simple way to turn your sugar syrup in to vanilla syrup. 

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