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Rusty Barrel's Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - Part 1 🎁

Rusty Barrel's Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - Part 1 🎁

Rusty Barrel's Christmas Gift Guide 2021 🎁

As Christmas approaches, many of us will be racking our brains wondering what gifts to buy the cocktail lover in our lives. 

So, we've pulled together the best cocktail-themed gifts for the holiday season to fit any budget.

If you're looking to surprise a friend with a great gift, or if you've been really good this year and you deserve to treat yourself (we're not judging), check out our Christmas Gift Guide for the ultimate in cocktail inspiration.


Rusty Barrel Bloomsbury Cocktail Making Set - £45.00

The Rusty Barrel Bloomsbury Cocktail Making Set is the perfect choice for the aspiring bartender. The vast majority of cocktail bars worldwide choose the Boston-style shaker for its large volume and simple construction.

The set includes everything you need to create your cocktail of choice. Measure out the perfect quantities with a jigger and pourer, release the flavours of your ingredients as you crush them with the muddler, while the Hawthorn Strainer makes sure only the cocktail ends up in the glass. 

If you're looking to mix the perfect martini, the twisted bar spoon has you covered, while the included recipe booklet means you can jump straight in and start mixing the classics in no time.

The Rusty Barrel Bloomsbury Cocktail Making Set comes in sparkling stainless steel, or if burnished copper is more your style, check out the Belgravia

Packaged in a stylish gift box, you'll not want to give it away.

Rusty Barrel UK


Bar Towel and Apron - £14.00 / £16.00

Keep your cocktail dress or tuxedo splash-free with our Apron, and protect your fingers from an icy-cold cocktail shaker with our stylish bar towel. These matching cotton and linen blend gifts are UK-made and responsibly sourced.

Get the Rusty Barrel look with our Apron and Bar Towel.

Rusty Barrel Apron


Rusty Barrel Mayfair Cocktail Shaker and Jigger set - £25.00

Our Mayfair Cocktail Shaker is now available as a shaker and jigger set, and at only £25.00, it's a great value addition to any home bar.

With a built-in strainer in the lid, this Manhattan-style shaker is the perfect choice for a budding bartender, or if you're looking to add another shaker to your collection.
Rusty Barrel Mayfair Cocktail Set


Rusty Barrel Metal Straws Gift Set - £15.00

Help make sure the days of single-use plastic straws remain a thing of the past and buy your loved one a Rusty Barrel Metal Straws Gift Set. 

Use them to taste-test your cocktails as you mix them up, or pop them in a bag ready for a big night out. These metal straws are a hygienic and durable alternative to a paper straw that never seems to last quite as long as your drink.

The set includes two cotton cleaning brushes to keep your straws in perfect condition.

You'll never leave the house without a Rusty Barrel Metal Straw again!

Rusty Barrel Metal Straws


The Ultimate Bar Book - £14.00

Everyone knows how to make a gin and tonic (yes, it really is a cocktail), but for many, that can be the limit of their cocktail making repertoire. 

But if you know someone who'd love to find out how to make the perfect Cosmopolitan, in what glass to serve a Singapore Sling, or what makes a Dark and Stormy so, well, dark and stormy, then the Ultimate Bar Book by Mittie Hellmich is the perfect gift.

Organised by name and by ingredient, this isn't just your standard "cocktail recipe book." It covers tips and techniques, glassware and equipment, garnishes and infusions—and more.

And with over 1,000 recipes, you could be in for a Christmas you're at risk of forgetting, but don't worry, there's a section on virgin cocktails and hangover cures, too.

This is, by far, the Ultimate Bar Book.

Rusty Barrel Bar Book


So there you have it—raise your glasses to a fun-filled festive season with the Rusty Barrel Christmas Gift Guide, and see the New Year in, in style.

We'll see you in 2022!

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