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Dad's present sorted? Best Father's Dad Gifts 2024

Dad's present sorted? Best Father's Dad Gifts 2024

Whether you're shopping for your dad, helping your kids buy for their dad, or even treating yourself, Father's Day is fast approaching.

If you're looking for some cocktail inspiration, read on for three classic recipes from 3 iconic cocktail fans below.

First up, it’s Ernest “Papa” Hemmingway, whose partying ways led to the creation of the Hemmingway Daiquiri.

Fill a cocktail shaker with:

  • 60 ml white rum
  • 22 ml lime juice
  • 15 ml grapefruit juice
  • 15 ml maraschino liqueur

Shake well for 8-10 seconds, or until the tin is cold to the touch and strain into a cocktail glass. 


Rusty Barrel Cocktails Father's Day


If Dad’s tastes are a little more... suave, it’s over to Mr Bond himself.

I’m not sure there are many men out there who haven’t imagined themselves in the role!

Here’s the classic Vesper Martini:

  • 50ml of your preferred gin 
  • 25ml of your preferred vodka 
  • 5ml Dry Vermouth 
  • 5ml Lillet Blanc 
  • Ice 

Pop all the ingredients into your shaker and get to work.

Shaken, not stirred, naturally 🍸 🚠 😬  


Rusty Barrel Cocktails Father's Day 

Finally, it's time to channel the ad men of Mad Men with Don Draper’s favourite tipple—the Old Fashioned.

  • 1 sugar cube
  • 1 large ice cube
  • 2 shots of bourbon
  • 3 dashes Angostura bitters
  • Orange twist for garnish

No shaking required for this one—simply soak the sugar in your bitters, muddle until it’s dissolved, add the ice cube, and finally, pour over the bourbon.

Stir until it’s chilled.

Add the orange twist, and enjoy.


Rusty Barrel Cocktails


Let's raise a toast to all the dads out there! 

Rusty Barrel Cocktails Father's Day
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