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Episode 4 - Dilution

Episode 4 - Dilution

Episode 4 - Dilution

In this episode, we get geeky about ice. Dilution to be precise. Similar to a chef using heat and fire to create and perfect flavour, bartenders use ice and dilution. Precise dilution is a skill mixologists world-over practice time and time again to ensure they serve a flawlessly chilled and flavoured drink.  

Shaken or stirred? Our Rusty Barrel cocktail sets allow you to do both, and each technique will alter the overall character of your drink. Stirring down is used mainly for ‘spirit forward’ drinks such as a Martini; the drinks with a kick. Shaking is used mainly with cocktails containing fruit, herbs or spices – those that are a little subtler. 

The right amount of ice is crucial. Too little and it will melt too fast leaving your drink weak in taste and watered-down. Too much and it won’t dilute enough meaning it could be over-powering. Remember no ice, no cocktail! 



Rusty Barrel Manhattan Collection

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